Science Of Bhastrika Pranayama-Bhastrika Pranayama Science

Science Of Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama 

Bhastrika Pranayama is also called breathe of fire . It is one of the form of pranayama and also considered most important and benificial yoga techniques . Bhastrika Pranayama requires powerful and rapid inhalation and exhalation which makes audible sound . There is deep mention of bhastrika pranayama in the famous yogic text books that is Hatha Yoga , Gerandha Samhita . In this century yogic exercises are very important to stay fit , healthy , calm and bhastrika pranayama is also one of the yogic exercises which has a very importance to you when you can do yogic exercises . 

Bhastrika Pranayama has lots of benifits to our body . Bhastrika Pranayama is benificial for those who feels confusion in their work and wants to increase their focus on their daily life , bhastrika pranayama helps to improve the nervous system , helps to improve the mind and make healthy all the body organs of human body . Bhastrika Pranayama helps to improves the digestive power of human body , also helps to do weight loss . Bhastrika pranayama makes blood flow better , fills the need of oxygen of human body .

In this article we can only talk about the science of bhastrika pranayama . In previous article we can talk about the Bhastrika Pranayama steps - benifits - Precautions . If you want to read those article then click on the link :- Bhastrika Pranayama - Benifits - Precautions .

Science Of Bhastrika Pranayama :- 

Bhastrika Pranayama is a breathing exercise those persons who does it in the morning inhale fresh oxygen . This inhaled oxygen goes to the lungs and some part of inhaled oxygen goes to the brain . So our brain feels relax and nerves of the brain also feels relax and release good hormones for our body . And fresh oxygen goes in the lungs make our respiratory system strong and healthy . Also this fresh oxygen when goes in the blood and blood flows in our whole body then this oxygen reaches all parts of our body and our organs feels healthy also opens blockages of nervous system . 

According to the researchers since 1941 says that nano particles present in our atmosphere goes directly to the brain by breathing through the nose and by passing the blood brain barrier .The size of these nano particles is 10 - 30 nano meters which are 10 - 20 times smaller than the particles which are emitted by cigarette smoke . So if we inhale fresh oxygen by bhastrika pranayama in the morning then the nano particles of this oxygen gives a good effect on the mind in comparison to the nano particles than we inhale in the whole day . 

Medical researchers shows that the pollutants are most of the time flushed out by the lungs and the toxins ( harmful substances ) are flushed out by the immune system of our body .  So if we do yogic activities in the morning then we inhale fresh oxygen then our lungs and immune system remove more pollutant and toxins from our body . Then our body feels healthy fresh , fit . 

You can do bhastrika pranayama and other yogic activities in the morning as possible . But in my recommendation morning is the best time to do yogic activities . Those benifits you can achieve by doing bhastrika pranayama or other yogic activities in the morning can not achieve by doing bhastrika pranayama and other yogic activities in the evening . Because morning is the birth of nature . In morning time nature in the natural body . But as the time passes our artificial products like pollution , vehicles make nature also artificial . If a person do yogic activities in the evening then this person also got benifits but less than those persons who does yogic exercises in the morning . So make a time table to do bhastrika pranayama and other yogic activities in the morning time .

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