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Bhastrika Pranayama Precautions 

Importance Of Yoga

In this modern world importance of yoga is already in our mind . There is need to do yogic activities to become fit , healthy , calm etc . Everyone who makes yoga as a part of their life will succeed in their life . Those people will achieve all the desires or wishes they want . Anyone want to become healthy , happy , fit in their life will need to make as a part of their life . Some people do a lot for their health . They go for a walk in the morning and they eat healthy food , they sleep on time and take 8 hours of sleep . But on the other side some people does nothing for their health . They does not do any yogic exercises . Also eat junk food . Also sleep late night and get up late morning . Those people goes in the surrounding of diseases . If you does not want to go in the category of unhealthy people and want to achieve all the desires in their life then it is necessary to do yogic activities daily . Then by doing yogic exercises daily you can become healthy , fit and able to become a successful man . 

Importance Of Bhastrika Pranayama :- 

As we discuss in upper article about importance of yoga in our life . Now we discuss about the importance of Bhastrika Pranayama . Bhastrika Pranayama has lots of benifits in ones life who does it properly . Bhastrika Pranayama  helps to increase the metabolism of a person . Bhastrika Pranayama is benificial for lungs and whole respiratory system because bhastrika pranayama is breathing exercise and it fills the need of oxygen in human body . Bhastrika Pranayama helps to increase digestion power . Bhastrika Pranayama helps to remove blood impurities from the human body . Bhastrika Pranayama has good effects on our mind and nervous system . Overall Bhastrika Pranayama and other yogic activities is responsible for our complete mental and physical growth . 

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Bhastrika Pranayama Precautions :-

In every yoga activity there is need to remember some precautions which is must if you want to take benifits from these yogic activities . So Bhastrika Pranayama also has some precautions which is necessary to remember when you are doing Bhastrika Pranayama :-

Those who are suffering from High Blood Pressure , then do bhastrika pranayama in the guidance of expert or do slowly .

Those who are patient of heart diseases need to avoid bhastrika pranayama .

Those who are recently gone through a abdominal , stomach surgery and other type of surgery then avoid bhastrika pranayama and do soft yogic exercises .

When you are suffering from cold or your nose is blocked then do not do bhastrika pranayama for some time until your cold decreases 

Do not start breathing exercise fastly . Start with the slow pace or slow breathing then with the passage of time increase your capacity to practice .

In summer season do bhastrika pranayama in the morning before sunrise then you got most benifits of the bhastrika pranayama because in summer season after sunrise there is very hot environment then you can not get those benifits . 

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