Bhastrika Asana - Bhastrika Pranayama Duration

Bhastrika Pranayama Duration

Need Of Time management 

Everyone wants in this world a healthy , fit calm body . But to achieve these benifits there is a need of making some changes in your lifestyle . There is a need of eating healthy food , need to do exercises , need to stay calm , cool and stress free . But all these luxuries can be achieved by good time management . If a person has good time management then this person can able to do all the things which he wants to do . 

But there also needs to eat food on same time daily , do exercise on same time daily . If a person wants to achieve all the benifits . Yogic exercises has lots of benifits which include remove toxins ( harmful substances ) from our body , increases the capacity of respiratory system , fills the need of oxygen of our body , helps to proper removal of carbon dioxide from the blood and tissues , helps to strength the muscles of heart and lungs , improves blood circulation , balances and strengths the nervous system , improves human body mentally and physically , improves nervous system of human body etc many benifits are of yogic exercises to human body .

But to achieve all the benifits there is one thing which is must time management . In modern world it is very difficult to manage time . Human has time for everything but he has no time for his own body . He is totally busy in the worldly activities and forget about to take care his health and care of body . It is important to remember that all the things are secondary but the take care of body , health is primary . So every human needs to give his primary focus on his health then needs to focus on the secondary things . 

It is commonly saying " Health Is Wealth " . If wealth is lost nothing is lost but if health is lost everything is lost . So there is need most to take care of health then the next focus on property , money etc .

If you want to know about how to do bhastrika pranayama - steps of bhastrika pranayama - benifits of bhastrika pranayama - precautions of bhastrika pranayama . Then in previous article we can discuss all about the bhastrika pranayama if you want to read then click on the link :- Bhastrika Pranayama Steps - Benifits - Precautions .

Bhastrika Pranayama Duration :- 

Every yogic activity gives a lots of benifits to those persons whose does it properly . And also bhastrika pranayama is a yogic pranayama it also gives lots of benifits to those persons who does it properly . But to achieve all these benifits there is also usage of time management . Means you have to do all the yogic activities with proper usage of time . Does not a single activity for one or two hour make a proper time for doing all the yogic activities like do 15 minutes meditation , do 15 minutes kapalbhati pranayama , do 15 minutes anulom vilom pranayama , do 15 minutes bhastrika pranayama and then do other yogic activities with a proper time management .

For doing bhastrika pranayama and other yogic pranayama there is different duration for everybody  . For beginners there is different time duration , for mediokers there is different time duration and for yoga experts like Baba Ramdev there is different time duration .
But in this article I only tell you about the time duration of Bhastrika Pranayama .

Now i have tell you about the time duration of bhastrika
pranayama . For beginners begin bhastrika pranayama with 1 minute or 30 times . With the passage of time you can increase your duration to 5 minutes . Maximum time for doing bhastrika pranayama is 15 minutes . After that you can do different yogic exercise . 

Bhastrika Pranayama is an easy exercise which can done by anyone . It is a gift of nature or god to all human beings to make fit , healthy .


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