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Bhastrika Pranayama 

Introduction To Bhastrika Pranayama 

Bhastrika Pranayama is one of the several pranayamas . Bhastrika Pranayama is a breathing technique as like as anulom vilom and kapalbhati , but the way of doing Bhastrika pranayama is different from the way of doing kapalbhati pranayama and anulom vilom . Bhastrika Pranayama is considered as one of the most important and benificial yogic exercise for our health .

Now we will discuss the meaning of Bhastrika Pranayama . The name bhastrika is derived from the word " Bellows "  because our abdomen pumps the breathe as like as the bellows used by the blacksmith . Bhastrika Pranayama is also mentioned in the yogic text that is hatha yoga also in many other famous yogic texts . Bhastrika Pranayama describes the active filling and emptying of the abdomen and lungs during the practise . 

The best time to do bhastrika pranayama is the morning time because in the morning time there is fresh oxygen which we inhale through bhastrika pranayama and gives a lots of benifits to our body , mind . 

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Now we will discuss the various types of Bhastrika Pranayama :-

 There are three types of Bhastrika Pranayama which are divided on the basis of speed . 

First type of bhastrika pranayama is Regular speed Bhastrika Pranayama .

Second type of bhastrika pranayama is medium speed bhastrika pranayama .

Third type of bhastrika pranayama is high speed bhastrika pranayama . 

According to the physical condition or body allowance one can try these types of bhastrika pranayama .

Now we will discuss briefly about all of these types of bhastrika pranayama :-

Normal Speed :-

In Normal speed Bhastrika Pranayama a person do not use power .

The speed of breathing and exhaling is normal only five to ten seconds to inhale and exhale . In order to breathe regularly we breathe at a normal pace and will take out breathing . This speed is suitable for everyone . Every person can do bhastrika pranayama in this speed easily .

Medium Speed :-

In medium speed bhastrika pranayama the speed of breathing and exhaling is little faster than the normal speed . You can only do in this speed if you are comfortable . Otherwise you can do bhastrika pranayama in normal speed .

High Speed :- 

In high speed bhastrika pranayama the speed between inhaling and exhaling is very fast , one has to breathe rapidly and exhale rapidly . Bhastrika Pranayama in high speed is suitable only for healthy and fit persons only . 

Bhastrika Pranayama Duration :- 

Every yogic activity gives a lots of benifits to those persons whose does it properly . And also bhastrika pranayama is a yogic pranayama it also gives lots of benifits to those persons who does it properly . But to achieve all these benifits there is also usage of time management . Means you have to do all the yogic activities with proper usage of time . Does not a single activity for one or two hour make a proper time for doing all the yogic activities like do 15 minutes meditation , do 15 minutes kapalbhati pranayama , do 15 minutes anulom vilom pranayama , do 15 minutes bhastrika pranayama and then do other yogic activities with a proper time management .

For doing bhastrika pranayama and other yogic pranayama there is different duration for everybody  . For beginners there is different time duration , for mediokers there is different time duration and for yoga experts like Baba Ramdev there is different time duration .
But in this article I only tell you about the time duration of Bhastrika Pranayama .

Now i have tell you about the time duration of bhastrika
pranayama . For beginners begin bhastrika pranayama with 1 minute or 30 times . With the passage of time you can increase your duration to 5 minutes . Maximum time for doing bhastrika pranayama is 15 minutes . After that you can do different yogic exercise . 

Science Of Bhastrika Pranayama :-

Bhastrika Pranayama is a breathing exercise those persons who does it in the morning inhale fresh oxygen . This inhaled oxygen goes to the lungs and some part of inhaled oxygen goes to the brain . So our brain feels relax and nerves of the brain also feels relax and release good hormones for our body . And fresh oxygen goes in the lungs make our respiratory system strong and healthy . Also this fresh oxygen when goes in the blood and blood flows in our whole body then this oxygen reaches all parts of our body and our organs feels healthy also opens blockages of nervous system . 

According to the researchers since 1941 says that nano particles present in our atmosphere goes directly to the brain by breathing through the nose and by passing the blood brain barrier .The size of these nano particles is 10 - 30 nano meters which are 10 - 20 times smaller than the particles which are emitted by cigarette smoke . So if we inhale fresh oxygen by bhastrika pranayama in the morning then the nano particles of this oxygen gives a good effect on the mind in comparison to the nano particles than we inhale in the whole day . 

Medical researchers shows that the pollutants are most of the time flushed out by the lungs and the toxins ( harmful substances ) are flushed out by the immune system of our body .  So if we do yogic activities in the morning then we inhale fresh oxygen then our lungs and immune system remove more pollutant and toxins from our body . Then our body feels healthy fresh , fit . 

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Steps that is must to do Bhastrika Pranayama :-  

To do Bhastrika Pranayama first of all it is my opinion choose a healthy environment where greenery is all around . It is not compulsory you can do bhastrika pranayama in a room also but if you choose a healthy and fresh environment then it will increase the benifits of bhastrika pranayama and also you will enjoy it . 

Now sit in vajrasana or sukhasana means cross legged position .

Bhastrika Pranayama is more benificial in vajrasana so that your spine is erect and the diaphragmatic movement is better .

Then makes a fist and fold your arms , placing them near your shoulders . 

Now inhale deeply , raise your hands straight up and open your fists .

Exhale slightly forcefully then bring your arms down next to your shoulders and close your fists .

Now continue this process for 20 - 25 times . 

Then you can relax with palms placing on your thighs .

Now you take few normal breaths . 

Continue this pranayama for two or more rounds .

Benifits Of Bhastrika Pranayama :-

Bhastrika Pranayama Makes our mind healthy :-

Bhastrika Pranayama is a breathing technique that oxyginates our whole body and fills the requirement of our brain of oxygen , when our brain receives a proper amount of oxygen then the nerves of the brain feels relax and calm . And the nerves of the brain will become strong . If a person can do bhastrika pranayama daily then daily of our brain feels stress free and grow naturally . Also our brain become strong . 

Bhastrika Pranayama Makes Our Digestive System Strong :-

When anyone can do bhastrika pranayama all the parts of the body comes into work and digestive system makes , release positive vibes and all the digestive system does their work with more efficiency . So Bhastrika Pranayama makes digestive system strong 

Bhastrika Pranayama Makes Our Respiratory Strong :- 

For the survival of human one of the important factors is oxygen . If there is good intake of oxygen and good expel of carbon dioxide then human body feels fresh and good . So Bhastrika Pranayama is breathing exercise and helps human respiratory system to good intake of oxygen and good expel of carbon dioxide . Bhastrika Pranayama is the practice to keep lungs healthy helps in better functioning of lungs .  Bhastrika Pranayama also helps to protects us from the respiratory system diseases . 

Bhastrika Pranayama Beneficial For Thyroid Problems :- 

Bhastrika Pranayama is a key to fight with thyroid problems . People who is suffering from  the thyroid problems will recommended to do bhastrika pranayama . Bhastrika Pranayama helps to relax the all the nerves of our body . And gives relief from Thyroid Problems . 

Bhastrika Pranayama is a blood purifier :- 

Bhastrika Pranayama is a breathing exercise and it fills the need of oxygen of our body and also fill the sufficient amount of oxygen required for sufficient flow of our blood . Bhastrika Pranayama removes toxins ( harmful substances ) from the blood and also acts as a blood purifier . 

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Bhastrika Pranayama Makes The Nervous System Strong :-

Bhastrika Pranayama can helps to make our nervous system strong . Bhastrika Pranayama by making blood flow better also helps to opens the blocked nerves due to clotting . Bhastrika Pranayama is best pranayama for those persons who have problem of paralysis . Paralysis is happened when to the affected parts blood does not reach due to blockage . So Bhastrika Pranayama is a technique to remove these clots and to improve the condition of a patient .

Bhastrika Pranayama Helps To Do Weight Loss :- 

Weight loss is a common issue in this time . One who want to do weight loss bhastrika pranayama and other yoga activities like kapalbhati pranayama , anulom vilom pranayama can be very effective  . When anyone can do bhastrika Pranayama it uses extra calories of those persons and helps to reduce fat . But with yoga activities there is also need of doing some changes in your diet plan . Eat healthy food like fruits , vegetables etc . 

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Precautions that is must to remember while doing Bhastrika Pranayama :- 


Bhastrika Pranayama can do only with an empty stomach or if you can do bhastrika pranayama in evening then do it at least after 4 hours of taking food means your stomach must be empty .

Women during their pregnancy should avoid this pranayama . Women in their menstruation cycle would have to need special care while doing Bhastrika Pranayama .

The duration between the inhalation and exhalation is according to your comfortableness . 

People who have recently gone from any abdominal , heart , stomach surgery would have to need to avoid this pranayama .

People with problem of asthma or chronic bronchitis need special care while doing Bhastrika Pranayama . They should do this pranayama only under the guidance of experienced yoga teacher .

People related with problem of blood pressure need to do special care while doing this pranayama .

If you feel any kind of uncomfortableness then contact with your doctor and physicist . 


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