Anulom Vilom Precautions-Precautions For Anulom Vilom

Importance Of Yoga 

All of us know the importance of Yoga activities in our life . A person who does yoga daily in his/her life became fit always . Those persons will have different charm , personality . Doing Yoga  a person can attain many goals like those persons develops their mental health , physical health , social health , spiritual health etc . There are some changes that also come in our life that a yogic person showing love and kindness towards others , shown respect towards life and nature , find a peaceful state of mind , healthy lifestyle and positive vibes play an important role , behavior towards culture and nations and religion , develops our physical health .

Yoga activities is compulsion in this modern world to become fit , happy , healthy . There is also a most important thing to remember that when you are doing yoga then there are some precautions related to yoga which should always keep remember in your mind . Different yoga activities have different precautions so in this article we were only talk about the precautions that is must to remember when doing anulom vilom .

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Precautions during kapalbhati pranayama 

Now the turn comes of precautions that should be must to remember while doing anulom vilom pranayama :- 

The first and important thing is if you feel uncomfortable while doing anulom vilom then reduce the duration of breathing .

Those people who have recently undergone abdomen surgery , brain surgery , should consult the specialist before doing this pranayama or avoid this pranayama .

Do not do this pranayama forcefully , do this pranayama with calm nature .

Remember that keep the breathing ratio of exhalation is greater than inhalation . It will provide more benifit .

During the initial stage or first day of anulom vilom start with the duration of 1 minute the gradually increase the duration .

If you can do anulom vilom in the evening then do it at least after 4 hours of taking meal .

If you are a patient of high blood pressure then contact to your physical trainer then tell about your problems and also avoid retention of breathe .

Heart Patients needs special care while doing anulom vilom .

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