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Bhramari Pranayama-Bhramari Pranayama Benifits-Bhramari Pranayama Steps-Precautions

Importance Of Yogic Activities Yoga activities has a great importance in our life . Yoga activities is the gift of nature for human beings to stay always fit , calm , happy . In his modern world everyone's life is full of stress , tensions of our everyday's life . And everyone wants to come out from these tensions so there are many ways to come out from these tensions like playing sports activities , doing yoga activities , etc . Sports activities are the best way to come out these tensions . You can make a group of persons and play something daily for one to two hours . But in this article we can not talk about sports activities . We can only talk about the yoga activities .
 Yoga activities is like a gift of nature . Anyone who wants to stay fit in their life can do yoga activities . There are different yoga activities which can provide you a fit , healthy body . Yoga activities can cure your all diseases like paralyses , nervous system problems , respiratory system problems …

Ujjayi Pranayama-Ujjayi Pranayama Benifits-Ujjayi Pranayama Steps-Ujjayi Breath Benifits

Ujjayi PranayamaImportance Of Yoga All of us know about the importance of Yogic activities . Also we know importance of doing physical and mental activities . But after knowing about these importances some people do not do any yogic activities . Not doing yogic activities is not benificial for your health . In this modern world all the things are easily available but to maintain the health is difficult . But remember that to maintain health is difficult for those persons who does not do any yogic and physical activities . But those persons who does any yogic and physical exercises can become fit and achieve all the desires in their life . It highlights the importance of doing yoga . If we want to achieve your dreams in your life then it is necessary that your health should be good . Everybody knows that " Health Is Wealth " . If you earn less money in a day but your health is good then it is most valuable thing . But if you earns many lakhs in a day but your health is not go…

Shitali Pranayam - Shitali Pranayama

Shitali PranayamIntroduction To Shitali PranayamSheetali Pranayam is a type of pranayama which has lots of benifits to human body . Sheetali is a sanskrit word which means cooling . But the original word is " Sheetal " . Sheetal means that cold or something cool . The description of Sheetali pranayama is given in the yogic texts like Gerandha Samhita other famous yogic text books . 

The regular practice of sheetali pranayama calms the mind and body , also helps to reduce the stress level . Sheetali Pranayama is helps to lowers the blood pressure , this pranayama is very helpful in hyper acidity or even for ulcers . 
The main feature of Sheetali Pranayama is it reduces the body temperature and gives positive effect to the endocrine gland and the whole nervous system . By practising Sheetali Pranayama person becomes young and looks attractive . This pranayama removes the excess heat accumulation in the human body's system , also works positively on the fever , reduces the ex…

Bhastrika Pranayama - Benifits Of Bhastrika Pranayama - How To Do Bhastrika

Bhastrika Pranayama
Introduction To Bhastrika Pranayama 
Bhastrika Pranayama is one of the several pranayamas . Bhastrika Pranayama is a breathing technique as like as anulom vilom and kapalbhati , but the way of doing Bhastrika pranayama is different from the way of doing kapalbhati pranayama and anulom vilom . Bhastrika Pranayama is considered as one of the most important and benificial yogic exercise for our health .

Now we will discuss the meaning of Bhastrika Pranayama . The name bhastrika is derived from the word "Bellows "  because our abdomen pumps the breathe as like as the bellows used by the blacksmith . Bhastrika Pranayama is also mentioned in the yogic text that is hatha yoga also in many other famous yogic texts . Bhastrika Pranayama describes the active filling and emptying of the abdomen and lungs during the practise . 

The best time to do bhastrika pranayama is the morning time because in the morning time there is fresh oxygen which we inhale through bhastrika p…

Bhastrika Pranayama Benifits - Benifits Of Bhastrika

Benifits Of Bhastrika Pranayama Importance Of Yoga In our daily life yoga has a lot of importance . Yogic activities can help to make a person fit , healthy , calm . In this modern world there is a lot of difficulty to manage our health . Because this modern world is based on comfortness . Nobody in this modern world have desire to do workout on fields as our forefathers does . Our forefathers can do a lot of work in their fields and then eat also healthy foods . So they have long life . But our generation have a problem they want only those works which they does sitting at one place . They do not want to do work in fields . They also eat junk food which is unhealthy for our body . 

So the option remaining in our mind for our generation is only Yogic activities or sports activities . Sports activities include playing badminton , football , volleyball , basketball etc . Yogic activities include Bhastrika Pranayama , Kapalbhati Pranayama , Anulom Vilom Pranayama , Ujjayi Pranayama etc . …

Anulom Vilom - Anulom Vilom Pranayam - Steps - Benifits Of Anulom Vilom

Anulom Vilom 
Anulom Vilom Pranayamais also known as Anuloma Pranayama . It is also a type of Breathing technique like Kapalbhati Pranayama . It is comes from the practice of hatha yoga . Anulom Vilom has a unique meaning which is Anu with combination of loma means hair implying "with the grain " or " natural " . 

Anuloma Viloma is similar to the practice of Nadi Shodhana which further means alternate nostril breathing and it is done with some circles anuloma viloma . The description of Anuloma Vilom Pranayama is also given in Gerandha Samhita , Siva Samhita , Purana , Hatha Yoga . In Anulom Vilom There are three steps which are necessary to remember if a person wants to do this pranayama correctly or wants to take benifits from this Pranayama .

There are two types of Anulom Vilom :-

Anulom Vilom Type 1:-  In first type ofAnulom Vilom there is need to do alternate nostril breathing . Person who want to do anulom vilom type 1 need to just take breathe from left nostril a…