Kapal Bhati - Kapalbhati Pranayam For Corona

Need Of Kapalbhati (Vatakrama) Pranayam  To Fight With Corona Virus

Before discussing about Need Of KapalBhati Pranayam to fight with corona virus . We will discuss about corona virus . After that we will discuss about need of kapalbhati or advantage of Kapalbhati against Corona Virus

Corona Viruses are found in avian and mammalian species . The structure of corona virus in avian and mammalian species resemble each other by morphology and chemical structure . Now we can take example that coronaviruses in humans and cattle are antigenically related . In human beings coronaviruses proved to cause upper respiratory infections like common cold , lungs diseases .
So it is very important that we make our respiratory system strong and healthy . This can be achieved by Kapalbhati Pranayam or other yogas . But in this article we discuss only about Kapalbhati Pranayam . Now we discuss briefly that how we can make our respiratory system with the help of Kapalbhati . 

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Benifits Of Kapalbhati ( VataKrama ) Pranayam Against Corona Virus :- 

Kapalbhati Vatakrama Pranayam is one of the very useful pranayam to make organs , respiratory system more healthy . Kapalbhati is an important Shatkarma . Shatkarma means that Six actions .

Kapalbhati Pranayam is a type of pranayam , more correctly it is vatakarma kapalbhati pranayam helps a human body to get rid of different mental and physical problems by practising it continuosly for  a interval of time . 

KapalBhati helps a human body to oxygenate the whole body because in kapalbhati there is continuous inhalation or exhalation is done . In Vatakarma Kapalbhati inhalation is normal but the exhalation is forceful and fast . In kapalbhati there is continuous inhalation and exhalation is carried out . So it is important to remember while doing Vatakarma Kapalbhati that do not hold breathe .

When we can do Vatakrama Kapalbhati exhalation of breathing is major part of this technique . 
While in normal breathing inhalation is the major part . In Vatakarma kapalbhati Exhalation is the active processor while inhalation is the passive one . But in normal breathing inhalation of breathing is the active processor but the exhalation is passive one

In this technique our respiratory system comes into work with more power . While doing Vatakrama Kapalbhati the air is forcefully exhaled by the abdominal muscles as well as diaphragm during the exhalation .There is no gap between the inhalation and exhalation process while doing vatakarma kapalbhati . But remember once again exhalation in vatakarma kapalbhati is active processor  while inhalation is passive processor . And in normal breathing , inhalation is active processor and exhalation is passive processor . 

So we came to that point Vatakrama Kapalbhati Oxygenates our whole body and make our cells of our body more powerful and we know that cells is the basic unit of our life and body . If the cells is powerful then this thing is obvious that our body is also will be strong and able to fight with corona virus and any other body viruses that causes harm to our body . 

If a person can do Vatakrama Kapalbhati daily then the ability to fight with corona virus and any other viruses will increase . So as compare to that person who do not do any yoga , a person who do yoga daily has more power to fight with viruses .    

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