Kapal Bhati - Maximum time for Kapalbhati Pranayama-Pranayam

 Maximum Time For Kapalbhati


As we all know that Pranayama is breathing technique that would help to make human being healthy wealthy and fit . When we can Pranayama then oxygen flows in our body it means that our brain , blood and other body parts able to collect sufficient amount of oxygen . Moreover breathing a natural technique which came to human being naturally by birth . Just like birds learn to fly naturally then also a human being learn to breathe naturally

There is a popular slogan that
 " Early to bed , early to rise "
  "Makes a human healthy , wealthy and wise "

Now we will discuss the meaning of slogan which is written above . Get up early in the morning from the bed , do our own workout always makes human healthy wealthy and wise 

The man who does yoga , pranayam daily will stay fit always . The chances of becoming ill for the man will decrease one hundred times . But there is limit of doing something . So to do pranayam time management is also a very noticeable factor .

You can do 40 - 45 minutes of daily yoga in which 10 - 15 minutes of daily pranayam helps a human being to stay fit , healthy , keep mind calm , active ,powerful lifelong . In this article we will talk briefly about maximum time for doing Kapalbhati Pranayam . Now in this modern busy world now all the yoga activities , pranayam , kapalbhati pranayam becoming famous to make human being fit . 

There is always saying that " Prevention is Better than cure " . This line has very deep and long meaning to understand , the man who understands the meaning of that line would never get a down fall in their life . This line is also applies in the field of Yoga ( Yoga adhyatmic ) in following way . If a man do Yoga or pranayam daily that person would be able to get a Good , healthy life . We understand that it is very little difficult to make a regularity to do yoga daily . But Nothing Is impossible . And to do yoga for 40 - 45 minutes daily is more important than other things , works of our daily life .

Now we will discuss that how you manage your time while doing Kapalbhati pranayam :-

Kapalbhati Pranayam helps our to brain to release good hormones . Kapalbhati pranayam you can do it maximum for 15 minutes . To do Kapalbhati Pranayam morning is the best time because in morning there is fresh air which contains a lot of oxygen , there is chirpping of birds which gives coolness to our mind , in morning there is very less pollution , all the natural beauties are in their very exprresive and wonderful beauty . 

You can do Kapalbhati on green grass if possible . And if you can do kapalbhati Pranayam on green grass then you will able to get more benifits from this pranayam . 

Before doing Kapalbhati Pranayam :-

  • Take bath because after taking bath you can feel fresh .
  • Do not wear tight clothes and wear loose clothes .
  • Go to place where natural beauty is good and greenary is available all around .
  • Sit straight and look all around to natural beauty to feel good .  
  • keeping the neck and head perfectly straight .
  • Body should be stable and spine should be straight .
Earlier we discuss about Kapalbhati more correctly Vatakrama Kapalbhati . If you want to know that What is Kapalbhati and steps to do Kapalbhati Pranayam ? then click on previous given Kapalbhati .
Kapalbhati Pranayam cure the deadly diseases of human body and also make the human body strong to fight with these diseases .

In Kapalbhati Pranayam forcefully push the air out .

Duration Of KapalBhati Pranayam :-

If  you are a beginner that is you can just start
the KapalbhatPranayam then do it for 1-2 minutes or 20-25 times . And with the passage of time you will increase your that is now you can do Kapalbhati pranayam for 6-7 minutes .Maximum time of doing Kapalbhati Pranayam is 10-15 minutes .

Many people regularly doing Kapalbhati pranayam of that duration got benifit and now they fit and healthy .

Important Things to note down while doing Kapalbhati Pranayam :-

  • People who have problem of hernia need to avoid this Kapalbhati Pranayam . 
  • People who have problem of epilepsy , backache due to slippery , recently undergone abdominal surgery need to avoid this Kapalbhati Pranayam . 
  • Women during shortly after pregnancy as well as during menstruation need to avoid this Kapalbhati Pranayam . 
  • People who have heart problem and hypertension do this yoga in the guidence pf yoga experts only . 
  • In case of any medical condition , practice yoga only after consulting your doctor .



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