Kapalbhati Benifits - Pranayama Benifits

                              Kapalbhati Pranayam 

Kapalbhati Pranayam is a gift of nature to human beings . Kapalbhati Pranayam Is a breathing technique which helps the human being to refresh their mind . Kapalbhati Pranayam is one of the best yoga which gives birth to a new charming refreshing life . Even Our forefathers also uses Kapalbhati Yoga to stay fit and healthy . Kapalbhati yoga oxyginates the  whole body of human being . Man who practice Kapalbhati Pranayam daily can lead to shining forehead , glowing skin . 

Many years ago , people were believed that breathing exercises are help people in their daily lives , making overall well healthy man , it is also believed that in present time that breathing exercises are help in overall development of Human body . Kapalbhati Pranayam is not only just a yoga but it is a natural method of purification and detoxification of human body . Our brain wants healthy environment to wok properly . This can be achieved by the strength and power of yoga . 

Benifits Of Kapalbhati Yoga (Pranayam ) :-  

  • Relax Our Body :- By doing Kapalbhati Pranayam mind of human being activates their good hormones which can open the blockages of human body and oxyginates that parts of human body and removes pain from the untouched parts of human body . After doing Kapalbhati mind of human works fast and efficiently and the efficient release of good hormones relaxes mind and parts of human body . 
  • Stress Relief :- As we know that in today's world life s very hectic and full of pressure . So there is a lot of need of doing that type of things which would help us to get out of these hectic routines . There are many ways to remove this pressure and hectic activities . But the best way is Yoga . Kapalbhati Pranayam Yoga helps us to remove te daily life stress and motivates us to live a cheerful life . 
  • Healthy Body Organs :- As we all know " Rest Is Rust " . It means that if our body parts will work then they will all stay healthy . And if we do not take work from our body parts then these parts create a problem for us . So the best way to take work from these parts is " Yoga ".Moreover one of the best yogic exercises to take work from our respiratory system or digestive system , or other parts of body is Kapalbhati . 
  • Enhance Beauty:-As we all know first impression is the best impression . So there is very necessary need in today's world to look cheerful , and glowing . There are lot of yogas to make our skin glowing . You can do as your own choice . But Kapalbhati is one of them yogas which would help to enhance beauty . Beauty does not means that outer beauty but it means that inner beauty with a combination of powerful mind . With every breathe of Kapalbhati there is a touch of breathe means that where oxygen touches that part glows . 
  • Improves Digestion System :- It is very important thing to note down that if digestive system of a human being is good then the chances of human being to stay fit and fine increased 100 times .  Human being with weak digestive system can achieve a good digestive system with the couple of yogas . In those couple of yogas Kapalbhati Pranayam is best option to achieve a good digestive system . With the help of Kapalbhati yoga You can protect your body from illness , diseases and a plenty of problems . 
  • Improves Blood Circulation :- Blood circulation is the basic process of our body . And to make this process good working then there is a need of good amount of oxygen present in our body . So after doing kapalbhati  we can provide good amount of oxygen to our body . 
  • Improves Mental Ability :- A healthy body always a mirror image of healthy mind . And in every fresh breathe there is a birth of a new life in human mind . These new life makes us feel fresh and good . If we want to increase that type of lives in our mind so it would be necessary to take good amount of oxygen for growth of our mind . To achieve this state there is Very useful results of Kapalbhati Yoga and improves our mental ability . 
  •    Helps us to doing weight loss :- It is hard to believe that only breathing exercises can help us to do weight loss . but it is the truth or very we can say very sweet truth . You all know that good amount of oxygen in our body helps to all parts , organs of our body to work properly .And if the all parts of our body can work properly that it is clear that they will use calories . So kapalbhati can lead to maintain weight according to your choice . 

Dangers Of Kapalbhati Yoga ( Pranayam ) :-       

  • It is very necessary to remember that do Kapalbhati only with an empty stomach . If you can do Kapalbhati after eating food then you can feel vomiting sensation .So remember that do Kapalbhati with an empty stomach .
  • Remember that some people also tells about headache and dizziness when they were trying to do Kapalbhati pranayam first time . 
  • People who have heart problem or have artificial pacemaker need to avoid this kapalbhati pranayam .
  • People who have problem of hernia need to avoid this kapalbhati pranayam .
  • Women during pregnancy as well as menstruation period need to avoid kapalbhati pranayam .
  • In case of any medical condition doing any yoga consult your physical trainer or doctor first .   


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