Kapalbhati Precautions - Precautions For Kapalbhati

Importance Of Yoga 

All of us know the importance of Yoga activities in our life . A person who does yoga daily in his/her life became fit always . Those persons will have different charm , personality . Doing Yoga  a person can attain many goals like those persons develops their mental health , physical health , social health , spiritual health etc . There are some changes that also come in our life that a yogic person showing love and kindness towards others , shown respect towards life and nature , find a peaceful state of mind , healthy lifestyle and positive vibes play an important role , behaviour towards culture and nations and religion , develops our physical health .

Precautions that is must to remember while doing Kapalbhati :-

  • It is very important to note down that those people who have artificial pacemaker or stent or any other type of heart diseases need to avoid Kapalbhati Pranayama .
  • People who have a problem of hernia need to avoid Kapalbhati Pranayama .
  • People who have problem of epilepsy , backache due to slippery , recently undergone abdominal surgery need to avoid Kapalhati Pranayama .
  • Women during pregnancy or menstruation need to avoid Kapalbhati Pranayama .
  • People who have problem of hypertension need to do this yoga only with in the guidance of yoga experts only .
  • Most important point is do Kapalbhati with an empty stomach .
  • The exhalation in Kapalbhati Pranayama is active and forceful .So there is need to just throw breathe out .
  • There is no need to take tension about the inhalation . When you relax your abdominal muscles inhalation will happen automatically .
  • There is need to aware about an breathing out .
  • People who have a problem of high blood presssure need to avoid Kapalbhati pranayama .
  • People should never be practiced when an asthmatic attack is in progress .
  • If any type of pain or diziness can be experienced , it is preferable to stop the practice till the sensation is passed . Practice should be start with less force .
  • Ouick exhalation may be comfortable to oneself means that quick exhalation should not be too forceful .
  • Do not move back and shoulders during exercise .
  • Rapid breathing used in this technique should be from the abdomen and not from the chest .
  • Chest shoulod not move very much .
  • Ideal Kapalbhati should be practised after the asanas or hatha yogas and relaxation at least for 10 minutes and before neditation .

It is advisable that this exercise should be learned under the supervision of a yoga teacher after discussing with him about your health .


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