Kapalbhati Calories Burned

                       Kapalbhati For Burn Calories 

Kapalbhati Pranayama is very popular yoga among the population across world wide . Moreover Kapalbhati is one of the best exercise or yoga to do weight loss . To do weight loss only Kapalbhati is not a single soultion but we can say it is one of many solutions . Only Kapalbhati is not enough to do weight loss you can also do many combinations of exercises like jogging , swimming . You have also need of doing some changes in lifestyle like eat only healthy food , do not eat junk food  , eat fruits etc

Kapalbhati with a combination of sports like cricket , badminton , dancing , kissing , boxing , baseball , walking , jogging , running cycling etc . 

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Now I can explain you that how Kapalbhati With other sports can be benificial for weight loss :-

Sports like cricket , badminton , dancing , kissing , boxing , baseball , walking , jogging , running cycling etc . make a human being healthy , wealthy and fit . If a person can play any of these sports then those person will stay always fit . In a whole day means in 24 hours at least there is need of human being to take his/her 2 hours from his busy schedule for themselves . 

These 2 hours can make a human being active and smart to work whole day . If you can start your day with yoga activities then you can also make routine to do yoga for 1 hour in the morning and to play sport in the evening . 

Those yoga activities which you can do morning can give you energy to work for whole day and sport which you play in evening can help you to remove stress that you can handle whole day .

In Morning Yoga activities you can also include Kapalbhati Yoga Because Kapalbhati Yoga gives strength to human mind and all the body organs of human body . Kapalbhati can also very useful to burn calories . Doing Kapalbhati for 5-10 minutes can burn 40-50 calories .

And evening when you play sports then also some amount of calories burn . 

  • Like If you are playing cricket then 2 hours of bowling can burn on an average of 500 calories . This average is depends upon your weight . If the weight is more then the more calories burn and if the weight is less than less calories burned .
  • Dancing can burn 500 calories if you can do dance for 25-30 minutes . This amount of calories is very big amount in timing of 30 minutes .

  • If you are a boxer then 500 calories are burned in 60-65 minutes . This is also very good amount it means you can follow you passion as well as you can loose weight .

  • If you are a father then you will playing with your kids . Then you can burn your calories as well as your kids will also happy that it .
  • Cycling is the best option to urn calories and loose weight . It is best option to loose weight with taking joy with natural beauty.  

 Kapalbhati and other yoga activities are very beautiful gift of nature . If we can use these gift of nature correctly then it will have very good effects . And combination of these yoga activities with these sports can be surely help you to loose weight . 

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