Kapalbhati Benifits For Brain

Kapalbhati Benifits For Brain

Kapalbhati Pranayama is one of the Yogic exercises / pranayama kriya in which a person forcefully exhales rapidly with in short interval of time .  The word Kapalbhati itself says its meaning that 'Kapal' means Skull and Bhati means 'shinning' . This implies that Kapalbhati Pranayama give shining to the skull by cleaning the brain and gives a brightness to the persons appearance .

It is not only said in the ancient history but in modern world modern science also gives credit or show proofs to this claim .

Modern science also shows the importance of yogic exercises . Modern science also shows the importance of Kapalbhati Benifits For our brain and body . But till the full mechanism of is remain a mystery . Reseachers research shows that in our atmosphere nanoparticles are present ( Particle size of 10 - 30 nanometeres which are 10-20 times smaller than the particles which are emitted by the cigarette smoke ) . These particles can directly goes/reach to the brain . The way trough which these nanoparticles can reach the brain is through nose breathing and the second way is bypass the blood-brain-barrier . 

In 1941 , the researchers of medical field discovered for first time that small amount of nano particles were inhaled through the nose could be lodged in the brain by breaching the blood brain barrier . However this field is remained dormant until the 1990's scientists alarmed by rising environmental pollution , revisited the early research and started discovering the harmful effects of toxin invansion of brain through breathing .

How Oxygen reaches To Our brain :-

Today our modern growing research fields shows that a small part of total air that we breathe goes to brain directly through the olfactory lobe and rest bigger part goes to the lungs supplying the necessary oxygen to the blood .

Scientists have also done a research on Breathing Yoga techniques then Scientists also found that breathing through one nostril affects the part of the brain on that side , and thus the practice of inhaling through one nostril during Pranayam could be to stimulate that side of the brain and not for cleaning the nostril as explained by some experts. Similarly, deep slow breathing allows enough time for the nano-particles to reach the brain through blood-brain-barrier .

Normal breathing only make contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm and external intercostals . Expiration occurs passively on the cessation of this contraction of the internal intercostals . 
But the Kapalbhati is opposite to normal breathing in Kapalbhati Pranayama exhalation is active while inhalation is passive . The benifit of this reversal process is this induces a reversal in the flow of the nerve impulses to and from the brain bringing about stimulation and awaking of the brain centres . 

There are three forms of Kapalbhati .But in this article we only discuss about Benifits of all the Kapalbhati for the brain .

Benifits Of Vatakrama Kapalbhati For Brain :- 

In Kapalbhati due to the forced and longer exhalation kapalbhati affects the brain in a very good manner . During Normal inhalation the fluid around the brain is compressed and so the brain contracts very slightly . With exhalation this cerebrospinal fluid is decompressed and the brain very slightly expands . This is the mechanical influence of the respiratory cycle on the structure of the brain . Force exhalation in Kapalbhati increases the massaging effect on the brain by enhancing the decompression effect on every exhalation .

The average number of breaths being fifteen per minute means the brain is compressed and decompressed that many times but due to Kapalbhati you breathe 50-100 times stimulating the brain 3-7 times more than normal breathe round . Kapalbhati also expels more carbon dioxide and other waste gases from the cells and lungs than normal breathing . 

In the "Gherand Samhita" the method of practising Vatakrama kapalbhati is slightly different . Instead of breathing in rapidly through both nostrils , you inhale through the left and exhale through the right , then inhale through the right , then exhale through the left except that inhalation exhalation is rapid . 

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Benifits Of Sheetkrama Kapalbhati:-

 According to the Gerandha Samhita that not only do these practises rid the sinsues of old mucus but they also make one attractive and prevent the ageing process from occuring Kapalbhati helps relax facial muscles and nerves . It rejuvenates tired cells and nerves keeping the face young shinning and wrinle free . The effects of Vyutkrama Kapalbhati and Sheetkrama Kapalbhati are same for jala neti . 


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