Benifits Of Anulom Vilom For Brain

Anulom Vilom Benifits For Brain

Introduction To Anulom Vilom 

Anulom Vilom is a breathing technique or more correctly it is a alternate nostril breathing exercise . Anulom Vilom is plays a important role in making the human life cheerful , happy , fit , healthy . Anulom Vilom becomes the best exercise breathing technique to make you healthy . Anulom Vilom has many benifits that is provides to that person who does it daily . 

In today's busy world there is need a lot to do yogic exercises . A person who does yogic exercises daily will become happy , cheerful , healthy , fit always . Anulom Vilom Is a way to achieve all these things which i discussed in above line . 

But there is also a need of other yogic exercises to do along with the anulom vilom . Single anulom vilom is enough . But it is truth that with the combination of other yogic exercises Anulom Vilom become a gift of nature to human beings to saty fit . 

Let us take a example that if a person wants to go london then it is a basic need of a person to come airport with the combination of passport and catch the flight . This example shows the importance of anulom vilom which means that if a person wants to stay healthy , fit , healthy in his life then Anulom Vilom is a airport with the combination of other yogic exercises to reach the happy , healthy , fit and cheerful life . 

In earlier article we discuss about the Anulom Vilom-Steps To do Anulom Vilom-Precautions . So in this article we didnot repeat all these things then if you want to read all these things then click on the link :- Anulom Vilom-Steps To do Anulom Vilom-Precautions

Benifits Of Anulom Vilom For Brain :-

In this aarticle we discuss about only benifits of Anulom Vilom For Brain . Anulom Vilom also has other benifits but in this we will not discuss about all the benifits of Anulom Vilom . If you want to read all the Benifits of Anulom Vilom then click on the link :-Anulom Vilom Benifits .
Pranayama means that control of vital force . When a person does Pranayama or anulom vilom pranayama the mind of that person feels calm and strees free . Because  Anulom Vilom increases or balances the supply of oxygen to the brain . Then the cells of the brain regenerates or dead cells should be removed . By doing Anulom Vilom cells of Human mind becomes more active and helps to improve the memorising power . Therefore the focus of the human mind also increases and concentrate should become more powerful . 

Due to the new forming cells in brain in whole day that person feels happiness in his mind , the mood of those person stablizes that means no swings in his mood , he can handle the daily stress more easily . Practising Anulom Vilom can improve the overall mental health .

Those person who have problem of stress , depression , anxiety should recommed to do yogic exercises and in yogic exercises also do anulom vilom . So the proper amoun of oxygen in brain makes your brain strong . And you will become succed in your life .  Whatever decision you can take you can succeed in it . If you are not able to concentrate on a single thing then this anulom viloma pranayama is better option for you to increase your concentration .

Doing Anulom Vilom or yogic exercises is not for you only but it will also does a great impact on your environment . The people surrounding also starts to do Anulom Vilom Pranayama or yogic activities then they will also become healthy , strong in both ways mentally or physically . So then you will naturaly get a healthy enviornment then in your house and in your surroundings there are positive wibes you will succeed in your life . 


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