Anulom Vilom For Old Persons-How Anulom Vilom Works For Old Persons

Anulom Vilom For Old Persons

Anulom Vilom  is a breathing exercise . It is alternate nostril breathing . It is one of the several pranayamas which is used in the practice of hatha yoga . Anulom Vilom is very similar to the Nadi Shodhana . Nadi Shodhana is also called alternate nostril breathing . Anulom Vilom is a weapon to make human body strong . It can be practiced by all the people who already has healthy body or want to become healthy body . You can also say that Anulom Vilom is a natural medicine to make your body strong to fight with diseases .

Anulom can be done by everybody means who are trying to do anulom vilom they can do so . There is no age factor , big , small , rich , poor , healthy , unhealthy who wants to do anulom vilom can do anulom vilom by their own choice . 

But if a person has any diseases like blood pressure , or heart problem , any other stomach , respiratory related problems then it is important to talk to your doctor first and discuss with him that they will do what type of yogic exercises or they can do anulom vilom or not . And follow the whatever instructions you can got from your doctor .

All of the yogic exercises including Anulom Vilom is a gift of nature or it is gift of god that happens to cure human being naturally and makes them strong .

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Benifits Of Anulom Vilom For Old Age Persons :-

In old age there is very important to maintain your body . In old age the ability of a person goes on decreasing to fight with diseases and to become healthy . I will not say that old persons would not become healthy but i can say only that in the comparison of youngsters or children old age persons has less ability to fight with diseases . But if a old person wants to become healthy then he/she also become healthy . But it is important to for them to do some yogic exercises daily with regular routine and discipline . Then they will achieve a healthy , cheerful life .

There are many yogic exercises for old persons , children , youngster to become healthy . But in this article we can talk about the Benifits of anulom vilom benifits for old age persons .

How Anulom Vilom gives benifits to Old Age persons :-  

Anulom Vilom is a breathing technique . In old age persons some arteries are blocked so there is difficulty to pass blood from these arteries and then by doing anulom vilom removes blockage from these arteries and enhance the flow of blood .
In old age persons difficulty comes to maintain mental health . This is due to less supply of oxygen to the brain . But by practicing anulom vilom it fills the amount of oxygen required by brain and makes the brain cells more active , helps to increase memory power , stabilizes the mood as well . Anulom Vilom helps to increase and make good mental health . 
In Old age persons there is difficulty in breathing so in anulom vilom our lungs expand and able to inhale the more amount of oxygen , regulates breathing . So it also prevents the chanches of respiratory problems like asthma , bronchitis etc and makes human respiratory strong and healthy .
Anulom Vilom helps to improve the blood circulation in old age persons . The more the blood circulation is good more the heart , brain , and other parts of body become healthy  . So anulom vilom helps in overall development of body . 
Anulom Vilom helps to prevent the wrinkles in aged persons and then helps to become glowing .
Those persons who have diabetes , anulom vilom helps to maintain diabetes and helps to make more hormones to digest sugar . Then Anulom Vilom can helps to improve digestive system . 

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