Anulom Vilom For Kids-Yoga For Kids

Anulom Vilom For Kids

Need Of Doing Yogic Activities 

In this modern world there is a very need to do yogic activities for all of the age categories kids , adults , old age persons . In today's world all of the generations are by their work load . There is a great responsibility on the shoulders of old age persons , youngsters and kids . It is very important to perform all these activities and to perform all these activities there is need of good health , healthy mind etc . 

Old age persons has experience of his whole life and they know hoe to manage their life . And they also do yogic activities to stay fit and healthy .

Youngsters have responsibility on their shoulders to provide food all his family members . There is also a responsibility of complete desires of his family members . So for youngsters there is need of stay fit and healthy . And to stay fit and healthy youngsters have to do yogic activities daily . Then with a healthy body they become able to fulfill all the desires of his family members .

Kids are the backbone of the country and also their family members .  Kids are the future of their family and the country . There is need to Prepare kids For the upcoming responsibilities on their shoulders . To achieve this thing it is very  important to make our kids healthy , and fit .

In previous article we can tell about how to do anulom vilom if you want to read that article that clink on the link :- Steps To Do Anulom Vilom 

Now we can discuss about that Importance / benifits Of anulom vilom for kids :- 

 Kids have the most active and powerful body in their age . They are able to do what ever they choose . Kids are the future of every country . Kids have many desires which they want to complete . Kids are full of power to do every work . But it is very important to remember that everything wants maintenance . If a person maintains his body then got benifit in their whole life . 

Kids already done a lot of activities so it is not difficult to maintain his body . But if kids do proper yoga exercises then they will got benifit in their life . There is need to make the kids healthy in their childhood . So  when children becomes old they will become healthy . In childhood kids need to eat everything like ghee , butter , green vegetables and other healthy foods which make them strong for future . 

During childhood there is need to give a child a proper guidance to maintain his health . So give your child a proper guidance of eating healthy things . Do yogic exercises and other sports . 

Kids can play football , badminton , tennis and other sports . Also they have choice to do yogic activities . There are a lot of yogic exercises or sports which can give a children healthy , strong body .
But in this article we can talk only about benifits of anulom vilom for kids .

Benifits Of Anulom Vilom For Kids :-

Anulom Vilom can help to correct breathing in kids and make it more correct . 
Anulom Vilom helps to make better , strong , healthy body of kids and makes the good mind coordination . 
In kids hormonal changes occur at every age so anulom vilom helps to maintain hormonal growth in children .
kids already have strong digestion power but anulom vilom helps to make digestion power of children more powerful and long lasting .
Anulom Vilom improves the memory and concentration of children so children focuses better in studies .
Anulom Vilom helps to make respiratory system good and also helps to feel fresh and good .
Anulom vilom relaxes all the nerves of the brain so children feels stress free and utilize their time in learning new skills .
Anulom Vilom helps children to feel happy whole day then children spends quality time with their family members and friends 

Kids already done a lot of physical activities whole day . And yogic activities can increase their physical and mental life 100 times 

I recommend that you can also aware your child about yogic activities a healthy wealthy , happy life . 

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