Anulom Vilom For Diabetes-Anulom Vilom Benifits For Diabetes

Benifits Of Anulom Vilom For Diabetes 

Importance Of Yoga 

In this modern world human being makes his life very comfortable . To go anywhere anywhere human beings have cars , scooters , other extraoridinary vehicles . To do work in the home or office he has computers or laptops which makes his/her work for him . To do work in the fields or grasslands human beings have trackers and other grass cutting machines . To wash clothes in house we have washing machines , to do water hot for taking bath we have gysers .  To send money to anywhere we have online transaction facilities .

After reading the upper section we come to learn about that in this modern world human makes his life very comfortable . There is no need to do anything . All of the work can do automatically even for human being there is no need to go somewhere . He/she can do their work sitting at one place . 

So for a human being there is very difficult to maintain his/her lifestyle . And to become healthy , stay fit is not a easy task . But if a human being want to stay fit , healthy then it is very necessary to do yogic exercises . Try to do yogic exercises in the morning most probably but if you do not found time in the morning then do exercise in the evening . But the main thing is to do exercise daily . 

To do yogic exercises it is not a desire but it is compulsion if you want to live a long , happy , healthy life . In this century people do very less physical activities . So they will go in the surroundings of many diseases . But it is very important to learn that " Rest Is Rust " . If a human being become lazy then it is not good for his/her health . So it highlights the importance of yogic exercises to make your life cheerful , happy .

Let me tell what is the benifit of money if your health is not good . But it is benificial if you have somewhat less money but your health is good . It also highlights the importance of yoga in this modern world . Then Please from somewhat from your busy daily routine take some time for your  health and do some yogic or physical exercises . If you were unable to take time from your busy daily routine then left divide your work in various sections but do yogic exercises daily . It will  give you life long benifits .

Yoga is a gift of nature to all the human beings in this modern world . So utilize it in a better way so you would get a chance to live a happy life .

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Benifits Of Anulom Vilom For Diabetes :-

There are many yogic exercises which helps to make healthy body . And to control Diabetes . But in this article we will only discuss about the anulom vilom benifits for diabetes .

Anulom Vilom Pranayama is the best yogic exercise to cure and control diabetes . Those people who have diabetes need to do Anulom Vilom for 10 - 20 minutes in the morning daily . Remember that do anulom vilom with empty stomach only .

All of us know that in the market there are many medicines are availables for control diabetes . But a very important thing is important to note down that these medicines only control the blood sugar but not increase the functioning of pancreas which produces the proper amount of insulin ( insulin that helps to digests sugar ) .

So now the question arises that if these medicines are not increase the functioning of pancreas then what should a person can do ?
So the straight forward answer is do yogic exercises . In the yogic exercises also involves Anulom Vilom . 

Yogic exercises or anulom vilom helps to control the diabetes but also helps to increase the functioning of pancreas . Daily and regular practise of Anulom Vilom balances the sugar level . Anulom Vilom is a breathing technique which fills the requirement of oxygen in the body and makes the blood flow better . Anulom Vilom helps to regenerate the body cells , makes these cells more active . So Anulom Vilom Also works on pancreas and helps pancreas to work more effeciently and in a proper manner . 

So after doing anulom vilom Pancreas is able to make make more insulin hormones then after doing anulom vilom regularly the capacity of your pancreas to make insulin hormones increases then it maintains your sugar level and helps to digest sugar . 

Remember that people who have diabetes take their medicine  regularly according to the prescription of doctor . Patients of high blood pressure and heart patients can consult to physical consultant before doing Anulom Vilom or do anulom vilom slowly .  


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