Anulom Vilom Benifits For Hairs

Anulom Vilom Benifits For Hairs 

Before talking about the Anulom Vilom benifits For Hairs We will talk about the importance of hairs in every-buddies life . 

Importance Of Hairs In Everybody's Life

Hairs are the most important part of our body . Hairs gives a lot of benifits to human body . Hairs on the face and head is very important because in winter season these hairs can help to keep your body warm and also acts as a layer between the skin and the cold air . Hairs on the face protects you from the sunrays but hairs on the cheeks are not thick so it is important to apply suns cream on the face to protect you . Hairs on the head gives your skull coolness 

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Hairs on our body can be light , dark , short , long but the size and colour  of your hairs is not important . The important is the work of your hairs . Hairs on the legs , arms , and other parts of the body protects our body from the unknown objects , from the bactereas , from the parasites and bugs etc . 

Hairs on the head are most important to grow our personality . The silky , dark , healthy hairs are everyone's choice . It grows the beauty of a person more times than a person is actually is . 

But in this modern world due to our poor lifestyle there is bad impact on our hairs . This pollution can lead to make our hairs poor , dull , dry . Premature graying of hairs is also due to today's growing pollution . 

In this modern world it is very important to take care of your hairs . There are several reason of hair fall which include genetic , rise pollution level , less care , stress , diet etc . But to fight with all the whatever reasons there is need to take good diet which contains good amount of nutrients . There is need to do physical activities which include yoga and sports etc . Yoga helps to relax our nerves in the brain and helps to control hair fall . 

There are many solutions also come in the market to grow hairs once again but these solutions have side effects also . I do not recommend these solutions . Because natural methods are natural . To grow hairs once again there are many yogic activities which can be helpful to grow hairs naturally once again . I also recommend these natural activities because if these activities can not help in a positive way so there are also not side effects of these activities .

There are many yogic activities which can help to grow hairs naturally . But from all of them we can only talk about the Anulom Vilom benifits for hairs . 

Benifits Of Anulom Vilom For Hairs :- 

Anulom Vilom has lots of benifits for our whole body . It gives benifits to our brain , lungs , heart , respiratory system , hairs etc . But in this article we will only talk about the benifits of anulom vilom for hairs .

Anulom Vilom is a breathing technique . It helps to fills the requirement of oxygen of our body , relaxes our brain . And hairs are the simple in structure , made up of a tough protein called keratin . A hair follicles anchors each hair into the skin . The hair bulb forms the base of their hair follicle . In the hair bulb , living cells are divide and grow to built the hair . The blood vessels in human body can help to nourish the cells in the hair bulb and deliver hormones that modify growth and structure at different phases of life . 

In upper section we read about that blood vessels help to nourish the cells and deliver hormones to hairs which can become the reason of hair growth . So anulom vilom can helps to open the blockage of these blood vessels and help to provide sufficient nutrients and hormones to the hairs . Anulom vilom also fills the need of oxygen of these hairs which also make them strong . 

Anulom Vilom relaxes the brain nerves and cool down these nerves . So due this relaxation of brain nerves brain can become able to concentrate more on hairs and make them strong . After anulom vilom body also provide to hair keratin protein .

Anulom Vilom can helps to reduce hair fall but there is also need to take advice from doctor that what should you do to stop hair fall . Yoga activities is one of the major factor to stop hair fall . But there is also need to take medical advice .  


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