Anulom Vilom Benifits For Eyes-Yoga For Eyes

Anulom Vilom Benifits For Eyes

Why there is need to do Anulom Vilom :-

In today's world to maintain our lifestyle is very difficult . All of the work around us is not so much related to our physical exercise . Mostly of our Work is related to our mentally exercise . We spent most of the time in front of computers , making you tube videos , doing our work of office , talking with someone on phone , chatting on instagram - facebook - whats app etc . So where is the Physical exercise is involved in our daily routine

Due to lack of physical exercises our stomach comes outside and we were unable to make it flat as it was earlier . There is lot of tension in our mind . Our life become hectic , we can not able to make our life happy , cheerful , healthy . So to resolve all the issues there is a need to do yogic exercises or in the yogic exercises it is compulsory to add anulom vilom .

In our busy life we can forgot about our fitness . We also donot take care about our most important part of our body that is our eyes . Our eyes is essential part of our life . Eyes are the only organ of our body which helps us to see the beauty of nature . We can interact with the nature due to our eyes . Our eyes connect us with all the things that is in our surroundings . Without eyes a human being is nothing , without eyes the colour of this world is meaningless . So it is very important to keep your eyes fit . 

In earlier article we discuss about the Anulom Vilom Benifits for brain If you want to read that article than please click on the link :- Anulom Vilom And Its Benifits

Benifits Of Anulom Vilom For Eyes :-

There are six muscles of eye that connect the eye to eye socket and help them to move side to side , up , down and all directions . When a person watch something consistently , read something consistently , then pressure should be fall on the eyes And it drains your eye muscles of flexibity and tired them out . 

Due to continuous use of smartphones and laptopes causes burning , itching , tiredness in our eyes . The only to get relief from these symptoms is yoga or yogic exercises . To maintain your eye sight or to increase your eye sight there are many yogic exercises . But in this article we can say only about How anulom Vilom works for Increase our eyesight .

As we all know that Anulom Vilom is a breathing exercise or it is a alternate nostril breathing . Anulom Vilom improves the supply of oxygen in all body parts of human body . As far as weak eyesight due to the weak muscles or due to lack of blood circulation in the in muscles . So Anulom Vilom provides a sufficient amount of oxygen to the eye ,brain and muscles , open all the blockages . So the muscles of eye get proper amount of oxygen and due to proper amount of oxygen reaches their is a suficient flow of blood circulation in our eye . And the eye feels cool , their should generation of a new energy in our eye . It also helps in bettterment of our eyesight . 

Alone Anulom Vilom is not sufficient to deal with eye problems you can also need to take Vitamin-A rich food . Do other yogic exercises along with the combination of Anulom Vilom . Take advise of your doctor also for further and quick improvement . 

For better results :-

  • You can open your eyes wide and then quickly blink about 10 times . Then close your eyes for about 20 seconds repeat this process for five - six more times . This exercise hepls us to strength , relax the eye muscles , prevent dry eyes . 
  • You can also palming your eyes This exercise is another form of relaxation which would help you to give rest to your eyes after working whole day . You can also do this exercise in the morning .
  • To strech your eye muscles move your eyes slowly from side to side and then all the way around in a circle . Repeat this exercise for 15-20 more times . Remember that your neck does not move .


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